From the road: Inside Satan’s Cabaret – And The Musical History Of Page

July 30 2015 | Posted by Chris

Satan's Cabaret

Here’s a fun interview I did in Vancouver when I set out on my recent cross Canada tour. While it’s a lengthy listen, it was truly one of my favourite interviews I’ve done.

But first, the backstory:

I heard about Rob from an old friend of mine, a great musician named Shuyler Jansen (buy his records…you’ll LOVE them…trust me). When I planned to start my recent cross Canada tour in Vancouver, Shuyler suggested I stop by and record a session for Rob’s podcast, ‘Satan’s Cabaret‘.

I had never met Rob before and the Cabaret was new to me, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

With my old guitar in hand, a Vancouver friend dropped me off at the apartment address I was provided and up the stairs I went.

The apartment studio was a super, cool, inviting and creative space. Rob is a talented and prolific musician in the Vancouver scene and I was struck by seriously warm vibe that greeted me right away.

A few mics were set up and there were two cold ones on the coffee table near the mic stands, ready to be cracked… Lagunitas amazing IPA to be exact. A touch that a craft beer IPA lover like me appreciates!

Rob in the Cabaret
Rob hosts in the cozy confines of Satan’s Cabaret

Though we were both suffering from oncoming colds, Rob and I jumped right into our chat and I even managed to coax my voice into a couple of live songs. My crackly version of ‘Patio To Stereo‘ made the final interview cut and our chat that followed ended up spanning my entire music career.

The result? This is probably the most interesting interview I have ever done. Rob is a terrific interviewer and conversationalist and it was a pleasure to experience Satan’s Cabaret!

So if you’re at all interested in the Epic Musical History Of Page, my influences, my song-writing process, guitars or the background on The Stand GT, Camp Radio, etc, I think you’ll find this to be a fun listen.

Also, be sure to stop by Satan’s Cabaret to find so many other great interviews Mr. Malowany has done.

Thanks Rob!

Click here to listen

“This week on Satan’s Cabaret Rob has a visit from Chris Page. Chris is a singer/songwriter from Ottawa, Canada. Known for touring relentlessly and being a prolific songwriter, Chris has many stories to tell. Chris explains the multiple project that he has on the go and how they all tie together. Rob was honoured to have Satan’s Cabaret be the first stop on Chris Page’s Canadian Tour in support of his new record Volume Vs. Voice. This shows features a live performance from Chris Page and a new track off the brand new record.

See more at:

Targ, touring and vintage tables

June 15 2015 | Posted by Chris

Rene Leclair and Paragon
Rocker Rene LeClair (Fear Agent, Dead City Rebels) and I shoot some Paragon at Spin-it Records in Moncton.

In this month’s always-hotly anticipated issue of the House of Targ zine, I get all introspective, retrospective and down-right teary-eyed when I discover a table in Moncton that I used to play as a kid.

Cue my dusty, nostalgic blurb about ‘Paragon’.

And oh…one of those crafty Wizards at Targ convinced me to send a pic of my now-ancient and much coveted official 70s KISS Army card.

See all the details in my piece here.

As always, be sure to pick up a hard copy of the ‘zine when you drop into House of Targ for flippers and perogies.

The long lost Paragon

Reflecting on the one that didn’t get away

June 4 2015 | Posted by Chris


No one ever wants to hear about the show that got away.

I’m always suspicious when people claim ‘show of the year’ and ‘best performance ever’ when I wasn’t there to validate these sweeping statements for myself. After all, music is so incredibly subjective. And I get that people are just trying to share their enthusiasm for the moment in time that they experienced.

I had one of those last night. I know that if you’re reading this you probably weren’t there because the audience was beyond sparse. But the few of us that saw Rodney Decroo and Great Aunt Ida (With Mark Haney on stand up bass) perform their sets, walked away knowing we witnessed something special.

So bear with me.

If you enjoy a true listening live music experience, one that allows you to soak in the melodies and the harmonies while pausing on almost every turn of phrase, you would have loved this show.

And the reason why I’m spelling it out here is because those of us in the Ottawa/Gatineau area get the opportunity to witness it again Friday night in Wakefield at Kaffe 1870 when Rodney, Ida and Mark do it again.

I’ll let you do your own math, but this is one to consider and not let slip away.

Ottawa show with Rodney Decroo and Great Aunt Ida

June 2 2015 | Posted by Chris

Chris at Raw Sugar - Photo by Eric Scharf
Acoustic through Marsha! Pic courtesy Eric Scharf at Ottawa Showbox

Rodney Decroo, Great Aunt Ida and Chris Page
Wednesday, June 3rd
Raw Sugar
692 Somerset St W
Music starts at 8pm sharp

I’m really looking forward to playing another show with fellow folksters Rodney Decroo and Great Aunt Ida this Wednesday here in Ottawa at Raw Sugar.

This will be a great evening for local singer-songwriter fans. If you haven’t seen them before, Rodney and Ida have such strong releases in their catalogues and are both terrific performers.

Last month on my cross-Canada tour I played a couple of memorable shows with them in Calgary and Edmonton. Rodney has a new great record out called ‘Campfires on the Moon’ and has been traveling the country promoting it.

Ida is supporting Rodney on this tour and also playing keyboard for his set along with Mark Haney on standup bass.

Both of their sets will be amazing and it’s a treat to have them both stopping here in Ottawa.

We’ll get the music started at 8pm sharp. Please come out and support these touring independent musicians!

And of course I’ll have copies of my own new record ‘Volume Vs. Voice’ (and you can also download here):

The FB event is here…and here are details for those not on FB:

Rodney Decroo, Great Aunt Ida and Chris Page
Raw Sugar
692 Somerset St W
Music starts at 8pm sharp

Saturday night was alright! Volume Vs. Voice launches in Ottawa

May 11 2015 | Posted by Chris

Chris and the Hard Rock Kangaroo Sliders

Photo by meltingplastic. Left to right: Chris, Sarah, John and Colin cooking up some VVV live magic

Man, it was a hot one!

Thanks to everyone for enduring the sweltering summer-like-July evening in May and for coming out to the Volume vs. Voice record release on Saturday night.

It was such a fun show and it was awesome to share and celebrate the launch of this new record with so many family and friends.

Special thanks to Ottawa ShowBox for presenting the show and to Raw Sugar for hosting…and to my pal Jon Pearce from Winchester Warm for playing a great set to get the evening rolling.

Thanks as well, to my pals in ‘The Sliders‘, Sarah, Colin and John for lending their talents and making my songs even more awesome for our hometown crowd.

In other news, we’ve just released a video for ‘Treatment Burns‘. Be among the first to have a sneak peek here!

As always, there is lots more on the way, so I’ll keep you posted.

We’ve had some terrific reviews of the record which I will share here soon.

And if you haven’t had time to stream/buy VVV, do it here…thanks for the support!

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