The Stand GT

The Stand GT have a storied underground history.

The band’s legacy is etched into the wood bar railings throughout North America, their numerous record releases on many record labels are lovingly tucked into record collections throughout the world. In the pre-internet, pre-cell phone DIY indie rock world of the mid-90s, the band held a solid, hard-touring road warrior reputation.

Ottawa, January 2015 – Photo by Andrew Carver

The band’s humble beginnings started in an abandoned chicken coop in eastern rural Ontario in the late 80s. Their first taste of wax came when they snuck a track onto the legendary “It Came From Canada series, Vol. 5” on the iconic OG Records. It was at one of their famous ‘Voodoo BBQs‘ where the band met Ripcordz leader Paul Gott and it wasn’t long before The Stand GT began cranking out 7s for his thriving Montreal label, En Guard Records.

Photo by Shawn Scallen

One of the band’s most celebrated releases came out around 1992 on En Guard, the result of a blistering, power-pop session in Montreal session with Rob Martins at the helm (if you listen closely, you can hear members of the Ripcordz on gang vocals!). The result was ‘Blur Your Cool‘, a cassette-only release that catapulted the band well out of their hometown and onto the international stage.

With relentless touring, and on the strength of Blur Your Cool, the band travelled to Seattle in 1994 to record their first album at EGG Studios with guitar-rock-hero, Mr. Kurt Bloch of the fantastic Fastbacks and Young Fresh Fellows. ‘They’re Magically Delicious’ was released in the US on Top Drawer and in Spain on Munster Records.

Not long after that, another celebrated record, ‘Apocalypse Cow’ came out on Lance Rock records in Canada and on Get Hip in the US. A powerhouse of a record recorded in Montreal with Rod Shearer, many cite Apocalypse Cow as their absolute favourite in the band’s discography.

The Stand GT
Photo by Jon Schledewitz

Tours continued throughout the 90s and so did the singles. The band’s final record, the criminally under-rated LP ‘Good On The River‘ came out in 2000.

The Stand GT haven’t played a show since October 26th, 2001 where they shared the stage with Ottawa legends Werbo at Babylon. What’s taken so long? For those wondering, the band never broke up. It was simply time to focus on to other things:

Colin fronts the Mnemonics and plays in Garaga and Yuma County.

Doug is the only Stand GTer who still lives in Glengarry. He fronts a bad-ass bluegrass band though bylaws have caught up with his simultaneous smokin’ and singin’.

Wally lives in Southern Ontario where he’s raising his boys and beating the hell out of his drums (or is it raising his drums…?)

Chris fronts Camp Radio and releases solo records under his own name. He has also dabbled with bands such as Rhume and Owl Mountain Radar.